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    About Pleasure Points

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    Important Notice

    As a member of you'll be able to enjoy one of a kind Rewards program. Automatically turn every dollar you spend into a Pleasure Point. Use these Pleasure points to redeem your choice of truly exceptional adult movies and gifts.

    We've made it incredibly easy for you to shop and earn pleasure points at You'll be surprised how fast the pleasure points add up in the Rewards program. Earn one point for every one-dollar you spend, even shipping and handling earns you points.


    1. Locate the movie(s) you would like to redeem using your Pleasure Points. Search by title, staring, description, studios, genre, price, release date, bestsellers, new releases, and/or points.
    2. View the number of points required for purchase.
    3. Click the "Buy Now! or "Add To Cart" button. If you're not already logged in, enter your User ID and Password to continue.
    4. Click "Checkout" to complete your request.
    5. Verify the shipping address, chose a method of shipping, click continue.
    6. Order Confirmation Page. Verify the information on the confirmation page and Click on "Click here to use points" to redeem your chosen movie(s).

    NOTE: "Click here to use points"option will only be available if the Pleasure Points earned is greater than the "Total points required for purchase."

    7. Enter your payment information for Shipping & Handling charges. As a result, you will earn pleasure points.


    1. Log in to you account.
    2. Click "My Account".
    3. Click "View My Point History".


    • Pleasure Points is the best Rewards Program offered online.
    • It's easy to enroll!
    • Earn one pleasure point for every dollar you spend with (see examples).
    • Use the points just as you would use money at Locate the DVD or product you would like to purchase and use your earned points to receive the goods.
    • Sky is the limit to the number of pleasure points you can earn.
    • Upon registering with, you are automatically enrolled in our Rewards Program.
    • Best of all, receive additional pleasure points on Shipping & Handling and sales tax (see examples)


    Example #1: Purchase a free DVD, and pay $3.95 for shipping and handling, accumulate 3 points. Every full dollar earns a full point.

    Example #2: Purchase a DVD for $25, and pay $3.95 for shipping & handling, accumulate 28 points. Earn a point for each dollar on the total.

    Example #3: Purchase a DVD for $25.05, and pay $3.95 for shipping & handling and $2.07 for tax, accumulate 31 points. Transaction total is $31.07, earn 31 points on the 31 dollars.

    Reward Program Terms & Conditions

    Agreement Between User And

    This Web site is owned and operated by American Adult Movies, Inc. (hereafter " "), offered to the User conditioned on acceptance by the User without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. Use of the content, services, and/or products presented in any and all areas of this site constitutes the User's agreement to abide by the following terms and conditions and those posted in specific areas of the site.

    Important Notice reserves the right to amend, modify or change, including adding or deleting terms, the Rewards program terms and conditions at any time, without notice. For example, may, without limitation, amend or omit some or all of the pleasure points; change the number of pleasure points earned for purchases or required to redeem Rewards; impose an annual Program membership fee; or increase any fee that may be associated with the Program. reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time without prior notice.


    The Program is available to members only.

    Only the primary User Register on an account may be a member in the Rewards Program; if an authorized user on an account wishes to enroll in the Program he/she must Register with and enroll in the Program.

    Pleasure Point Accrual

    Users will earn one pleasure point for each $1.00 (dollar) in purchases to their user account on or after their Enrollment Date.

    Only purchases appearing on web site are eligible to earn pleasure points.

    Pleasure points are earned on purchases after deducting applicable credit adjustments.

    Pleasure point accrual will begin upon a Users Registration Enrollment Date. No retroactive pleasure points will be awarded.

    Changes made to the above are at the sole discretion of

    The maximum number of pleasure points that user may earn is unlimited.

    Pleasure Points are updated on a billing cycle basis; pleasure point balance information will be stated on your account.

    Pleasure points are redeemable from the date they appear on your account plus 3 calendar years. For example, all pleasure points earned in 2006 are redeemable through your December 2009.

    Pleasure points not used within three (3) years from the calendar year in which they were earned will be void and ineligible for Rewards.

    Credits and returns do not earn pleasure points. Any credits to your account will reduce the number of pleasure points available for Rewards selections by the dollar amount of the credit. Negative pleasure points will post on your account if returns.

    * Pleasure points cannot be transferred.

    * Pleasure points from multiple accounts cannot be added together.

    * Pleasure point availability for redemption is based on transactions posted as of last purchase.

    General Restrictions pleasure points accrual and redemption can be used in conjunction with any other Rewards Program offered by reserves the right to disqualify any User from participating in the Program and to invalidate all pleasure points for abuse, fraud or any violation of the Program's Terms and Conditions. and its vendors cannot be held liable for any accident or injuries incurred while participating in the Rewards Program. Rewards Program is a benefit available to select

    If a user account is closed by the user or by, such user will no longer be able to redeem pleasure points. will determine what constitutes a closed account.

    Pleasure points are not the property of the user, and cannot be bought, sold or transferred in any way (including upon death or as part of a domestic relations matter).

    Pleasure points are not redeemable for cash, do not constitute credits to, and cannot be offset against the user obligations to reserves the right to terminate a users membership in the Program if a user has not redeemed pleasure points in any consecutive three-year period.

    Merchandise pictured in this web site may not necessarily reflect exact colors or models of actual products due to printing variations and/or manufacturers' updates. Information in this web site is accurate to the best of our knowledge. is not responsible for errors and/or omissions.

    Pleasure points cannot be purchased for redemption purposes.

    Determination of any tax liability of a user relating to pleasure points is solely the responsibility of the user. is not responsible for disputes involving joint Users or authorized users relating to pleasure points. pleasure points and offers are void where prohibited by law.

    This web site and these terms and conditions replace and supersede all previous terms and conditions.


    All Rewards are subject to availability, and specific Rewards may only be available for certain dates and certain members. Redeemed Rewards cannot be exchanged or returned for cash or pleasure points under any circumstances. Specific restrictions may apply to certain items.


    If you have any questions regarding our Reward Programs, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at

    © 2005 American Adult Movies, Inc.
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